Surefit Alex II Tan Leather Sandals


Alex II in Tan is a closed toe unisex style of tan leather sandals with adjustable fitting straps. Suitable for all occasions and designed specifically to protect their little toes.

Our boys and girls toddler sandals are designed to protect and support little feet.

| Upper – Leather | Lining – OnSteam® | Antibacterial Insole – OnSteam® | Sole – Flex Rubber |

What is OnSteam®?
Our innovation in Children’s footwear never stops, that’s why as of 2020 we are using lining made from a new, innovative technology called OnSteam®. Although the material replicates the feel and look of leather, it is antibacterial, and provides 6 times greater transport of humidity allowing for a much more comfortable experience for children, particularly in warmer weather. OnSteam® is certified as a sustainable material and is free of chrome as well as produced with no carbon footprint.
Type: Shoes